Did you ever wish you could make a large serving bowl, but don't have a pottery wheel? Or maybe you're not quite accomplished enough at the wheel to do it? Many new potters, and experienced ones as well, want to go bigger and better with bowls, but just don't know how to get there.

Well, maybe it's time for you to consider hand-building one. The great thing is, you finally get that big bowl you've always wanted... but more importantly, there is a sense of pride with the completion of a project that has haunted you!

Small, medium or large... a simple template with help you make a bowl to be proud of! Keep reading to learn how we do it.

  • Determine what size bowl you want by drawing a circle on a large piece of paper with a compass, bat, pizza pan, or anything else that is a large circle.
  • After drawing the outer circle, make a smaller one in the center and cut them both out. The inner circle will be the bottom of your bowl, and will determine the height of the walls. (the smaller the bottom, the taller the walls)
  • After cutting out the circles, you are left with a ring. Starting small, and increasing as needed, cut a triangular wedge out of that ring until you reach your desired shape.
  • Now that you have created a template, draw it out on a slab of clay.
  • Design the ring, and bottom if you want, with stamps, underglaze, etc... (remember, to design both sides and stamp the bottom if you want a little more character)
  • Cut out the wedge.
  • Allow the clay to set up a little until it's soft leather hard.
  • Now, lift the edges, and "roll" into the shape of your bowl.
  • Score and slip, where your ends will overlap, and press the seam together.
  • Flip your piece over. Score and slip both the bottom, and the base, and attach the base.
  • Once the piece is leather hard, smooth the edges, check the seams, and  embellish.
  • Now you are ready to finish your bowl with the glazing process you use. Be creative, and dare to dabble in new techniques and colors!

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