In our post on June 17, 2015, we talked about where to find inspiration for your pottery projects. In this post, we want to talk about what to do when you're in "inspiration overload."

Have you ever gone to bed, hoping to get some much needed sleep, just to wake in the middle of the night with a racing mind? You've got all these great ideas for projects, swirling around in your brain, and you just can't shut them off.

Tossing and turning, flipping and flopping, pulling the covers up then pushing them down, UGH... you just want to get some sleep! At this point, my husband usually wakes up and says, "Will you just get your sketchbook and draw it out already?"

What a smart man. I used to lay there and draw it out in my mind, however; that didn't help me get back to sleep. Now, I pick up that sketchbook, write a few notes or draw a picture.

Whew! Now I can go back to sleep... or can I? Most of the time, putting it down on paper, solidifies my thoughts and stops my mind from spinning. Sometimes however; it just isn't that easy. That's when I say, "I'm in inspiration overload."

Inspiration overload, for me, is when the picture in my mind is so awesome, a sketch just won't do it justice (really, I'm just not that good at sketching). Time to put on my slippers, head out to the studio, and put it down in clay. With a little luck, it will turn out as envisioned, and I can catch a nap a little later in the day.

Do you have any suggestions for getting back to sleep when your mind is racing? If so, we'd love to hear them. I think we've all had a sleepless night (or 20), and would be willing to try just about anything. Help out your fellow mind-racer by posting a comment.

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