Collection: Glazes - Low Fire

Low Fire Glazes are typically fired at cone 06-04. These glazes are made specific for this heat level to produce the best finish possible. The benefits of low fire glazes are that they can produce vibrant and bold colors while also requiring far less power to finish.

You have your choice of four brands, each offering their own unique features. First, there is Amaco with options like alligator, which gives nice textured finishes, cystaltex, which offers fun finishing options, like spots, and stone texture for an antique look. Duncan provides you with French dimensions, which allows for raised designs in your finish, and specialty metallic glazes. Spectrum offers stoneware finishes and glaze crystals, which provide a completely unique look. Finally, if you want the brightest and most brilliant colors, choose Speedball, which offers paint on glazes.

When you need to customize your pottery finish, you have to choose your glaze carefully. The glaze you choose will dictate what you can do with your project. So, when choosing a glaze, be sure to read all the features and consider your options. This will let you choose the glaze that will work for your needs.

We’ve received many customer concerns about glazes freezing during shipping in cold weather. Luckily, most glazes can be thawed and mixed and still work properly. Please put a comment in your order if you would like us to hold your order until the weather has improved.