Collection: Spectrum Glazes

After being in the business for over two decades, Spectrum offers many colorful lines of glazes with unique firing temperatures. All products use ceramic frits and stains as their main ingredient which promise consistent results of brightness and intensity.

Try one of 27 cone 4/6 Spectrum 1500 Series Nova Stoneware Dipping glazes that come in both wet and dry form. These glazes are made from raw materials and will dry faster when dipping since there is almost no gum added.

You can also experiment with Spectrum Raku glazes that can be fired in electric or gas kilns and come in both wet and dry options. Though these lead-free glazes are intended for brush application, dipping is also a beautiful alternative. However, the glaze should be thinned a little with water before dipping. Note that Raku comes with many variables therefore results can change with each application.