Collection: Tools Handbuilding

If you prefer to get up close to your pottery and have more freedom in design, then you need to make sure you have the handbuilding tools you need. These tools are also useful if you are using a pottery wheel. They make it much easier to manipulate the clay and get the amount you need. In hand work, these tools let you create design features and to shape and mold the clay to get the final project you desire.

For getting your clay to the right thickness, you will need hammers and mallets. Clay cutters let you cut down the clay on the wheel or wherever you are working. To get the design features you want, you should look at clay shapers, spout makers, scrapers and fettling knives. To perfect edges and shape your clay, you’ll want to consider shredders and an accuangle.

Before handbuilding tools were created, potters had to do everything with makeshift tools or their own hands. It wasn’t very precise and made it hard to create polished finished pieces. Luckily, tools are now readily available to make things much easier on you. You can now shape and guide your clay into the perfect piece.