Collection: Tools Throwing

Another technique that is used in pottery is called throwing or more commonly called turning or wheel-throwing . While it is the most difficult technique to master, it is certainly the most rewarding and the key to it is to simply practice. The process involves placing a lump of clay at the center of a wheel and pulling the sides as the wheel turns until a cylinder is formed. From here, it is up to the potter to trim, cut, shape, and carve their pot to whatever they desire using tools that we provide below.

Throwing tools are much like handbuilding tools with many of the basic pottery tools used for both techniques. For throwing beginners, a basic group of tools might include elephant ear sponges, cutting wire, needle tools, calipers, a rib or edger , and a potter’s knife. If you are not able to find some of the tools you need in throwing here, you will most likely find them in handbuilding tools.

Jiffy Jigs, Banding Wheels, Ultimate Edger, Faceting Tools, Shrink Ruler, Bats, and Many More