Collection: Pottery Wheels

For the experienced and novice artist alike, nothing is more important than a quality pottery wheel. Choosing the right type of wheel for your projects is critical for creating art pieces that you’ll love. We have a wide selection of products from brands such as Speedball, Skutt and Brent that will make crafting symmetrical, gorgeous pottery enjoyable and easy. With prices below the market average, you can invest in your creative side without worry. High horsepower motors that run as quiet as a mouse, cast aluminum wheel heads, and fans to dissipate heat ensure a reliable product that you can use for years to come.

Our budget pottery wheels start at less than $1,000 and weigh 75 pounds. Adjustable legs allow for use as a floor model for a studio, or a tabletop product in your living room. The versatility only gets better with each product higher on the quality scale. For the committed professional, we have sophisticated wheels that can hold over 400 pounds of clay at one time. Removable splash-pan is great for easy cleaning, and an included warranty can give you peace-of-mind if anything goes wrong.