If you have an electric or gas kiln and would be interested in letting others use it for firing, paying by the piece, by the shelf, or by the kiln load, please list your contact information here.

To add your listing email us at

Help in determining prices to charge

  • Marilyn Totonchi Artsy Phartsy 480 217 0260
    Chandler az Large electric studio kiln, mainly fire to cone5, 04 and 06. Price at $1.75 per pound - very large pieces may be more. Just call for firing schedule or stop in. 2144 N. Arizona Ave #B20

    Michelle Katz Desert Dragon Pottery 602-690-6956 Phoenix AZ 20 cu ft
    gas kiln fired to cone ten reduction, large electric kiln, raku and primitive firings. Cone ten and oxidation firings priced $1.00 per inch measuring longest side. We are located in north-central Phoenix. Email for more information!

  • Josh & Paula Richling 760-247-0877 LINQ 760-247-0877
    Valley ca Evenheat 2541 with rampmaster II computer controller We are willing to help out locals who need something fired. Interested in meeting other creative people. We work in metal and glass fusion/slumping.

    Leatha Ruchty TMS Enterprises 760-4511802 Fallbrook CA

    I have a Skutt 1027 shop size kiln. I do a lot of porcelain so I fire from cone.018 to cone 6. I can fire up to cone 8. Firing cost depends on cone fired and size, and number of peices.

    Laurel Street Arts 650-591-1005 San Carlos CA
    Laurel Street Arts provides firing services for ceramic artists who work at home. Fees are $6 and up per piece depending upon the size of the piece. We currently fire only at cone 06/05. Laurel Street Arts is a full service ceramic arts studio and has two kilns which are used to fire pottery created or painted in our studio. We also offer firing services for ceramics artists.

    Gabriell The Red Ladder 925.829-3733 Dublin ca Large
    electric kiln with electronic sitter. We usually fire 06-04 but we can high fire if you like. We have a large studio space and a great big kiln, would love to fire your work for you. We have a price list that is reasonable, you can fire by the piece or by the kiln load.

    Judith Enright Black Leopard Clayware 408-448-4597 San Jose CA
    Electric to ^10; Skutt 1027 and 1018; by the shelf or kiln load. We fire a couple of times a week and are happy to include others' work. Just need to know what the firing range is ahead of time.

    Leonie Barel los angeles 1120 c
    small sculptures using commercial glaze paints

    Annie E. Doryk WetDog Studio 805-481-7992 Arroyo Grande, CA
    Electric/digital Olympic Oval Kiln, 13.5 Cubic feet. Pricing to be calculated according to space or weight of item. Available for firing low & high fire ceramics. No glazes available. Private studio. Payment due prior to firing.

    Ki & Yulia Cho Echo Ceramics 310-815-1525 West Los Angeles CA
    We are full time studio with electric and gas kilns. Gas kiln - 12 cu. ft. , electric - 3.5 cu.ft. and 7 cu. ft. All types of firing: reduction, oxidation, luster, china ink, high, mid and low fire. Raku kiln. $30 per cu. ft. for bisque and glaze. Experienced in sculpture firing - we don't blow things up!

    Janice Kingsmill, Sissy's Ceramics 951-550-7728 Sun City, California Web site
    I have 3 kilns and will do the firing for people at a reasonable price. I fire Greenware, bisque, glazes & porcelain. Store hrs. M, T, T, 9am til 4pm. Fri. & Sat. hrs. 10 am til 2pm. Contact for prices.

  • Lisa Conley The Greenware Gallery (613) 969-7858 Foxboro, Ontario Canada 2
    large electric kilns, 1 small computerized (great for specialized firings like lusters, glass, etc.) Sorry, only low-firings available. (up to cone 03) Price varies on piece size. We fire daily! Located in the Quinte area.

    Susan Barrow The Treasure Hut Ceramics (604)793-4302 Chilliwack, B.C. Canada
    There is a 6 cubic ft. and a 4 cubic ft. kiln and will fire to cone 6 if necessary. My studio is home based and can fire one kiln at a time

    Ken Friesen Froze Inc. 519-733-3607
    Kingsville, ON, Canada ON

    Debbie Adams, 613-384-2194,
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    I have a Duncan Studio Kiln (medium size) and a Duncan Teacher Plus Kiln (smaller). I am willing to rent kiln space in these guys. E-mail or phone me for prices.

  • Work of art Greeley Greeley's first stand alone paint and sip art studio devoted just to you and your entertainment! Located on business hwy 34.

    Lorry Lorak Creations
    Fort Collins CO
    We have a Skutt 1027 electric kiln in Northern Colorado. Bisque firings are done at cone 06 and we glaze fire up to cone 8. Most glaze firings are cone 5 or 6. Firings would be at my convenience. I need label info from your glaze and clay body. I am not responsible for damages during firings. Prices are negotiable depending on the space used in the kiln and the temperature of the firing. Please e-mail for more info. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jen Lowe, Jen Lowe Designs, Lafayette CO,
    8x8" brick kiln for glass and jewelry (Caldera) $25.00 per load 6x6". Fiber kiln for metal clay and other fine jewelry (SC2) $20.00 per load. I will also fire an individual piece...we can negotiate the price.

    Jennifer Johnson, Littleton , Colorado
    See site for rates

  • Debbie Altschwager The Clay Lady 860-693-6460
    Collinsville CT
    Cone 6 and lower. Currently accommodating work up to 23" diameter, 27" height. Spring 2002 will have 10 cubic ft in addition to two smaller kilns. pricing by volume (space taken up in kiln), 1/8th kiln, 1/4 kiln, etc. Offering raku firing and other alternative low fire methods. Small classes of up to five students for children and adults. Wheel throwing and handbulding/extruder. Also offering birthday party and Girl Scout/Boy Scout badge earning opportunities. Artist-in-residence programs for schools and museums.

  • Susan Brightman, CeramicsPlus Studio, Ocean View, DE 302-541-8258
    Low-fire and high fire up to ^6

  • Claypotter
    Tampa, FL
    Small electric kiln for hobbiest. I have fired my kiln to cone 4. I would be willing to share space with other hobbists. Price/cost? Sharing ware and ideas. Lets barter!

    Ann Smith Smitty's Ceramics Inc. Bus. 954-733-2999
    or Tamarac FL
    It is half the price of the greenware or a complete kiln load goes by the size of the kiln... Anyone wanting to learn how to do ceramics, we have free instructions & all the supplies in the studio, please come & join the fun

    Jonathan Hawkins St. Petersburg Clay Co. 727-896-2529 (CLAY)
    St. Petersburg FL
    The St. Petersburg Clay Co. is a fully functional potter's studio and currently houses 50 potters. We have nearly a dozen electric kilns including a large oval. Rent a full kiln or let us fire your pieces for you. St. Pete Clay also has 2 high-fire gas kilns, a salt, soda, wood, and anagama. Classes and workshops all year long. Residency program also available.

    Laura Marmol Key Biscayne, Fl 305-365-1753
    Electric kiln

    Mike & Joyce, Joy-Bay Wholesale Ceramics, 727-548-8889 Pinellas Park, FL
    We have two electric kilns and can fire most any size pieces you want. We charge $25.00 for a full load or we can charge by piece.

  • Sue Youngblood The Crafty Fox
    Columbus GA
    Electric kiln, can fire up to 16" side and about 17" high. I make custom hand painted ceramic tiles and dinnerware, and Stained Glass

    Mark Issenberg Lookout Mountain Pottery 706-398-3232
    Rising Fawn GA
    Hve 4 electric kilns and a RAKU set up also. I mostly fire cone 10 reduction in a 24 cu ft Alpine. I do ash glazes Also have 4 wheels

    Henrietta Paul Retta's Ramics & Gifts (229)-883-4084
    Leesburg, Albany
    Area GA.
    All ceramics, pricing- negotiable

    Jean Stewart, Sunny Side Pottery 706-782-6053
    Tiger, GA
    Brand new Olympic gas raku kiln, interior dimension 7 cu ft. I also need access to cone 10 reduction kiln

Linda Collins Chapman, Princeville, Hi 808-826-5557
Linda Chapman Design
Electric: 7 cu. ft.-low to high fire. Raku: 14 cu. ft.

  • Idaho

Idaho Art Lab, a non-profit makerspace, 208-932-0893,

We have 4 electric kilns of different sizes which can be rented for
$25.00/earthenware or $35.00/stoneware up to Cone 6. We have 1 gas
kiln that is 16 cubic feet. Please call for a quote on gas firing or
by-the-inch firing in any of our kilns.

Idaho Art Lab, a non-profit makerspace, 208-932-0893,

Take a certification course to get authorized to use our Pottery Lab
equipment for $5/hour ($3/hour with a punch card).
Equipment includes:
* electric & kick pottery wheels
* pugmill with extruders
* wedging table
* 1,500 plaster molds
* slip mixer
* sculpture tables & stands
* rent electric or gas kilns (6 sizes)
* by-the-inch prices for glazing & firing (earthenware & stoneware)

  • Stephanie Lee
    Wicker Park, Chicago, IL
    Main Cross streets (North Ave and Ashland).
    Please email to schedule time. $35.00 for half a kiln load. $50.00 for a full kiln load

  • Melodee Vicars HandsNClay 260-402-1067 Fort Wayne, IN

    Large Skutt Electric Kiln. Automatic Control. Cone 10. Rate: $2.50 per pound per fire. 5% of our sales go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

    Karen Hinz, Oak Hill Studio, Monticello, IN 574-583-0796
    *Large Skutt Kiln* Will fire by the piece or the kiln load. *Prices are as follows: $3.00/piece up to 5 pieces $2.50/piece 6 or more pieces $40.00 full kiln load I would be happy to fire any greenware or appropriately glazed pieces up to cone 10. Please do not hesitate to email or call for more information.

  • Praveen Jaiswal Stallion Ceramic Industries 0091-20-6878867
    Pune, India
    We have LPG gas operated decoration/third firing roller hearth kiln suitable for firing tablewares i.e. crockery, mugs etc. We also make ceramic decals/transfers ( screen printed) & can offer you the decals & firing at very low prices. Since we are in India, our labor/jobbing charges are very low.

    Gauri Gandhi 020-27290703
    Pune, India Gas fired kiln 24x24x30. I am a sculptor working in ceramic medium.

  • Angela Kieler studio potter 913-894-1609 Kansas City ks
    skutt electric kiln

  • Jerry Manuel (337) 583-7697 Sulphur, LA
    Paragon, fully automatic & smaller Paragon. I'm just starting in ceramics and will trade kiln space for help in learning about firing. We would like to share our kilns with someone that would allow us to "pick their brain" on the subject of ceramics and kiln firing. If you live near here or know someone that may be interested, please call me @ my office from 8:00am-3:00pm @ (337) 583-2901 or @ my home after 4:00pm @ (337) 583-7697. I'll be waiting to hear from you. (by phone or e-mail)

    Earl & Rae Murphy (985) 542-2983 Hammond LA
    Paragon A-99B Electric kiln with kiln-sitter. Fires to cone 10. Top loading stackable kiln 32" in diameter and from 14" to 42" high depending on how many rings are installed. Have all kiln furniture and hundreds of stilts. As of 1/27/02, the kiln has never been fired. Will Swap kiln time for instructions or materials. My wife and I are new to ceramics. We bought the kiln from my sister when her husband died, 10/16/01. It is several years old, but had never been hooked up or fired. It is wired now, and ready to fire. We will swap kiln time for instructions and/or materials (greenware, glazes, paints, cones) or anything you want to swap. My wife and I both work at home and the kiln is available any time. Non-smoking Christian environment.

  • Susan Brightman CeramicsPlus
    49 Cedar Knoll Road Cockeysville, MD 410-666-0238
    I work with stoneware and porcelain to to wheel work and hand building. Work in the studio includes wheel work, hand building, ceramic slip casting, and other art media. I work with high-fire and low-fire glazing. I have to good sized electric kilns. Adult and evening classes available. Rental of studio space/time for fee. I also do art mentoring--working with personal issues through art and dialogue. Art mentoring for teens especially effective.

  • Jessica Kleinerman, The Clayspot, Easthampton, MA 413.529.2020
    Kiln info: Bailey gas down draft 24cuft; Stacking Alpine front loader 12 cuft; Euclids top loader 12 cuft; mini-tester kiln. The Clayspot is a ceramics facility with a knowledgeable staff and lots of space, equipment, and materials for sale or rentable.

    Sharon Levy, Ancient Echos Arts 978-869-2912 North Chelmsford, MA I fire to cone 5-6 oxidation.

  • Ray Gross, SunnyLane Ceramics, White Cloud, MI 231-689-3975
    Our kiln is a digital, electric EvenHeat and we can fire any cone up to Cone 10, and charge per piece. We can turn your firing around typically in 3 days, but it varies based on season. Please call for reservations. We run a studio in West Michigan. Our hours are from 11 to 3 and 6:30 - 9:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturdays are by appointment, just call or email us! Hope to see you soon!

  • North Prairie Tileworks 612 871 3421
    Minneapolis MN
    2 kilns 10 cu. to cone 10
    1 kiln 12 cu. ft. to cone 10
    1 kiln 16 cu. ft to cone 10
    1 kiln 80 cu ft.
    down draft gas to cone 10 cost dependant on temp and amount North Prairie Tileworks is a full service ceramic manufacturing facility. We custom make tile as well as giftware, thrown objects, and decorative items. We color match clay and glazes and provide mold making and original sculpture.

    Beth Robinson Fired Up, Inc. 612-852-2787
    Minneapolis MN
    We are a full-service pottery studio providing bisque firing, oxidation firing (low and high fire) and Cone 10 reduction firing in our large gas kiln. We fire weekly or bi-weekly and offer firing memberships starting as little as $15 a month plus the cost of firing (by the cubic foot). We are open 7 days a week (including evenings) and have many glazes and glaze equipment available for use. Please visit our website at for more information. Fired Up is a fun, relaxing Minneapolis studio for adults interested in continuing their work in ceramics or interested in taking classes to improve their skills. We offer firing and studio memberships at very reasonable prices and were voted "Best Place to Throw a Pot" by CityPages.

  • Sales Manager Dogwood Ceramic Supply 228 831-4848
    Gulfport MS
    Firing from c022 thru c10 in oxidation in one of our 4 electric kilns. Dogwood owns a variety of Kilns ranging from the Paragon Dragon thru the typical 5 cu ft studio kilns. Dogwood Ceramic Supply is South Mississippi's only complete source of ceramic and pottery supplies.

  • Teres Whitney The Old School 573-754-5540 or 7988
    Louisiana, MO MO
    3 kilns small, medium and large electric. Large is 27 inch tall by 23" wide. Oxidation cone 06, 018 or 6 firing. Building a wood fire kiln for the future.

  • John Stromnes, Studio potter 406-883-6684
    POLSON, MT (8 m. north off US93)
    Will fire loads up to Cone six in my small Skutt electric. May have studio space for rent by August 2000 and Cone 10 Gas Kiln. Call.

  • Irene Miller
    Fayetteville, North Carolina
    Fire Greenware, Glazes, Gold/Mother-of-Pearl Pricing per agreement. Flexible hours, convenient location for anywhere in Fayetteville

    Tish Gay Eight Oaks Farm 919/496-8009
    Zebulon NC
    Have 2 kilns (1 large, 1 small) available for bisque or glazed works. Also studio space w/ wheel. Creative environment. Relaxing drive about 20 minutes out of Raleigh.

  • Brad Bachmeier Bachmeier Pottery & Sculpture 701-271-0616 Fargo ND
    SKutt 1027 24"X27", 2 outdoor propane fired kilns, Raku fired pottery business

  • Cynthia Schaefer Schaefers Studios
    Egg Harbor City NJ
    Getting ready to fire up the kiln in the spring of 2001. Will be able to offer kiln time sharing, pottery studio time, classes for beginners, child & adults. Price by the shelf or whole load. Contact me in the early spring to reserve your space, time or get info.

    Heather Kovach, Down to Earth Pottery, 53 Route 23, Franklin, NJ 07416 973-827-6070 fax 973-827-6023

    See also, Keith Grabowsky under Pennsylvania. He also has a studio in Montclair, New Jersey

  • Joyce Phillips Jo's Pottery and More 505-865-1742
    Los Lunas out side Albuquerque NM
    High Fire capable, 3-7cft, pricing negotiable. I have prize winning glazes, supplies, flexible hours, lessons

  • Kathy Potoski 845-623-1106
    West Nyack, NY
    Electric Skutt 1027 Usually fire to cone 6

    Chris Pagano TACK Ceramics (315) 391-9844
    Syracuse NY.
    We fire to cone 4 for 95% of our pieces. We charge $2.00 per item. $35 for the entire kiln. Items will be fired within a 48 hr. period.

  • Cindy McNamara Cindy's Country Ceramics 419 335-1343
    Fayette, Ohio
    I have small and large oval kiln for all types of firing. I price per item half of greenware price. I also do custom painting and I have several finished pieces done for those that are interested. Would be happy to locate any greenware out there that you may be looking for. I do on occasion have some in stock. Would be happy to help others that are new at this hobby to get started on painting tips!

    Marcina Kapusinski StoneLight Crafts 330-686-7969
    Stow OH
    *Large Skutt Kiln *Will fire by the piece or the kiln load. *Prices are as follows: $3.00/piece up to 5 pieces $2.50/piece 6 or more pieces $40.00 full kiln load I would be happy to fire any greenware or glazed pieces at any cone fire. Please do not hesitate to call for more information. Guaranteed to be fired within 3 days, most cases, firing will occur within 24 hours.

  • Ti Phillips - Earth Stoke 'N Fire Pottery Studio and Artist Retreat - 305-308-7369 - Year Round -
    Location is Etowah, Oklahoma; 15 miles east of Noble, Oklahoma.
    Kilns available are Electric, gas, wood and Raku. Oxidation and Reduction. Firing is by piece/size. Contact by email or phone for firing schedules and fees. Say you saw this listing on Big Ceramic Store and receive a 10% discount!

  • Sherry Overstreet, Selma, Oregon.
    We have three sizes of kilns. Contact for prices and firing schedules. 541-415-0431

  • Dave Neumann R&T's Creative Oasis 814 237-1982
    State College PA 2 Bailey
    Double Insulated Electric kilns, we charge $70.00 per kiln load (16 cubic feet), or .5 cent per cubic inch per firing (bisque and glaze) We fire to cone 6. We also have a Raku kiln available, call or write for more information on pricing.

    Cathleen McGowan, Purring Banshee Studios, (717)337-3657
    Gettysburg, PA
    I have 2 kilns. Both are electric. One is high-fire (up to cone 8) and 17" x 22". Absolutely no lead or cadmium can be fired in this kiln. The other kiln fires to cone 03. Lead and cadmium is permissible in this kiln. Please provide me with any information you may have as to toxic or unknown chemicals used. I charge $0.50 per square inch. There is an additional fee for rush orders. I am a certified art teacher available for lessons.

    Karen Dietrich Snake Road Ceramics 724-932-2654
    *Large Skutt Kiln *Will fire by the piece or the kiln load. *Prices are as follows: $3.00/piece up to 5 pieces $2.50/piece 6 or more pieces $40.00 full kiln load I would be happy to fire any greenware or glazed pieces at any cone fire. Please do not hesitate to call for more information. Guaranteed to be fired within 3 days, most cases, firing will occur within 24 hours.

    Keith Grabowsky
    Get your creativity finished! I offer kiln firings to artists looking to glaze and bisque fire there pottery/ceramics, and also glass. We can program fusing for glass as well. We have many sized kiln options for you to fire in, from small to walk in! All equipped with state of the art technology that offers digital readouts as well as pre-heat functions. This is helpful so we can get the exact temperatures you need, without any trouble, do ramping temperatures, hold times, and more. We do decal firings, luster, high fire, low fire. We do all cone firings! Specify in an email what services you would need. My studio is located on Amber Street in Port Richmond, Philadelphia PA. I also Have another studio located in Montclair, New Jersey. Being an artist I can understand how frustrating it is to get things done professionally, and also affordable. That is why I started offering my services to the public. Rest assured that you will be in good hands, with my many years of teaching/ceramic education, and friendly honest help. I also have pottery wheels, and an entire studio set up for individual or group classes. I also teach Raku workshops where participants get to learn and fire there own pieces. I also teach hand building/wheel thrown techniques. I have spray booths, hundreds of glazes, high quality tools and a cast knowledge of materials

  • Sammy Shuford Home Hobbiest 843-851-0242,
    Summerville SC
    Lowfire ceramics and some stoneware. Willing to "barter" on cost: IE: swap firing for wheel instruction

    M.T.Arial Clay Studio South Carolina 803-772-4757
    Columbia and Lexington SC
    I have kilns in the greater Columbia area and am willing to fire identifiable, by box label, clays and slip made pieces, at my discretion. I have test and larger electric kilns for most common temperatures up to cone 5/6.I also have raku kilns by special arrangement. If a group who wishes gas firing were to form, I have a large 45cuft propane gas kiln to be moved and rebuilt that I would offer shares or space for those who help move and rebuild the kiln. I could offer studio space by special arrangement to qualified individual[s]. Prices will be worked out to custom situations quoted in advance of receiving work to be fired.

    Kathy Brown Kreations by Kathy 843-556-1305
    Charleston SC
    I have 4 kilns all sizes and can do lowfire or highfire as needed. I use a firing chart for pricing but keep it reasonable. I had a shop for 8 years but lost lease when building was sold so I work out of my home. I am located in West Ashley - Charleston, S. C. Firing is usually done in 24 hours.

  • Ted Keesee Willow Creek Pottery 540-466-2477 
    Bristol VA (near Tennessee border)
    Two Electric Kilns: 10 cu ft. (fires to cone 10) and 4.0 cu ft (fires to cone 8). Will fire bisque and glazes; cast or hand built. Charge by the piece and based on whether it is low fire or high fire. I do request a label from the package of slip, clay, glazes that are used on the pieces. I only fire my kilns on the weekends, due to the fact that I work a full time job elsewhere. Therefore I have to make the statement that I can only fire at my convenience (which is just about every weekend). I assume no responsibility for body or glaze failures during firing.

  • K.C. Marks ClayMarks Studio (409)621-5618 Galveston TX
    Cress Electric kiln firing to O6 or Cone 5 at my home in Galveston, TX. Please call and leave a message and I'll get back to you.

    Kathleen Law 940-716-0715
    Wichita Falls TX
    I have two large kilns; one Duncan that is used for ceramic pieces and fired to cone 04. The Cress is used for high fire pieces such as porcelain, etc. and fired to cone 10. Pricing as per piece; typically half the cost of the greenware with a minimum of $10 per load. I also have a small kiln for miniatures and decals of smaller items. I work a varied schedule as an engineer for the Railroad so please email me if you'd like to have me fire your pieces. I would appreciate it if you brought your desired cone but I do have a number of the more common sizes on hand. A phone call is acceptable also but if you get the answering machine, just leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

    Lily Lomeli 713-771-5199 Houston, TX
    Paragon model TnF 27L-3 with controller DTC 800c Own a kiln but never use. Would fire for exchange of teaching about firing.

    Liz Montgomery Lucky Lizard Ranch 936-756-1579
    Conroe TX
    Electric Kiln to cone 9, firing only is 2.50/lb, glazes available for additional charge.

    Andrea Foster, Andrea's Ceramics & Gifts, Texarkana, TX 903-838-8188 / 903-244-3892
    I have a couple different size Paragon kilns; one very small for little items or test firing... must have self supporting cones for this one, and one large deep one that needs small cones for the kiln sitter. I typically fire greenware and glazes regularly. cones 06, 05, and 04. Overglazes are perfect for the small kiln if it is a small item. You need to provide your own cones. I am in a twin city that is on the Texas/Arkansas border. I work another job and work in my shop around my schedule so please call me for getting items to me to fire. I can help you fire and finish pieces or just fire them for you. Prices are either per piece or by the load depending on how much you have and the sizes.

  • Hello, my name is Helvi Abatiell. I'm the owner of Creative Space, the Art Gym here in Rutland, Vermont.
    We offer pottery, painting, drawing, darkroom, sewing, arts & crafts, and much more! Classes in all these and also open studio times are what we are all about. We will consider private and/or group lessons, birthday parties, critiques, etc. I have an electric 8 sided Paragon kiln and would consider firing for people at $5 per shelf. You may call me at 802/773-4350 from 11-8 M-F, 10-8 Sat, 12-4 Sun, or leave a message.

    Mad River Valley, Vermont
    I have a 4.7 cubic foot, L&L easy fire electric kiln (e23s). I generally fire every couple of weeks, on the weekends; alternating between bisque and glaze. I usually fire bisque to cone 06 and glaze to cone 6. I charge 4 cents per cubic inch and you would also be responsible for any damage caused by your work. Also, I encourage you to be present for the loading of your pieces into the kiln. The kiln is located in my home studio in my basement in South Duxbury, VT. South Duxbury is in between Waterbury and Waitsfield.

  • Melanie Black Rose Studio
    Roanoke VA.
    Willing to fire in electric kiln Skutt 1027. By load, piece, or shelf.

    Pat Lester, Spun Earth Pottery 804-385-7687
    Forest, Va
    Electric kiln, cone 05 and 03 is 5 cents per cubic inch by the piece. A 10 cu.ft kiln load is $125.00. Electric kiln, cone 6 is 6 cents per cubic inch by the piece. A 10 cu. ft. kiln load is $150.00. Gas kiln, cone 10 - 11 reduction is 5 cents per cubic inch by the piece. A 24 cu. ft. kiln load is $300.00. Proof of cone 10 clay required for gas firings. The bottom of pots must be clean and wiped back. $25.00 deposit required for first firing. Beginning, intermediate, and advance pottery classes are $100.00 plus supplies for 8 - 2 hour classes. We custom mix glazes at bulk material prices for $10.00 per batch.

    Deborah Abel Ceramics and Crafts by Debbie 540-710-1081
    Fredericksburg Va
    I currently have a large kiln hooked up - 7 kilns in all - will fire ceramics -greenware, bisque, glaze, decals, gold, etc. - I am trying to start my own business out of my home - I have approx 3,000 molds, greenware, and bisque.

    Deborah Abel Ceramics and Crafts by Debbie 540-710-1078
    Fredericksburg, VA
    Will fire your greenware, bisque pottery, etc. Cone 03 to 6 - working out of home- ceramic classes available for all ages, bisque and greenware avail. over 3000 molds to choose from. Birthday parties also avail. Call for more information.

    Sandi Barber Wolf'S Den Ceramics (540) 832-0585
    Barboursville, Va
    We can fire up to cone 6. 3 kilns on premise. Duncan, Paragon kilns 28" wide and 18" wide We fire by the kiln load $125 large kiln $50 smaller kiln. Subject to market change. We are a traditional ceramic shop that pours greenware and bisque. We teach ceramic art. We must have firing label off of clay or slip type.

    DAN PERKINS 540-772-0711
    I have a large skutt kin which can fire as high as cone 8. Prices are negotiable, but probably won't run much over 75 cents per large piece, such as a bowl or pitcher.

  • Pat Colyar I have 3 electric kilns, can offer firings to Cone 04; Cone 6 for small quantities. Also Cone 10 reduction in a gas kiln. Raku kiln and firing help available. I teach throwing, handbuilding, and tilemaking. I have 4 electric wheels and a slab roller. Also happy to give beginners advice over the phone about buying equipment, setting up their own studio, etc.
    15030 418th Ave. SE > Gold Bar, WA 98251 >(about 40 miles from Seattle) 360-793-1305

    Creative Learning Center Creative Learning Center
    Poulsbo, Washington
    Classes, supplies, firing: Pottery, Glass, Mosaics, Ceramics, Cement, Painting Electric Pottery Kiln 24"X27" (ID) Electric Glass Kiln 20"X20" (ID) Supplies, Workshops, Classes, Parties, Travel Retreats: Pottery, Glass, Mosaics, Ceramics, Cement, Drawing& Painting, Crafts for adults and children Call or Email for Brochure

  • Chris Hill, Cross Lanes, WV 304-776-1959
    Cress E-18 digital/programmable to cone 10(2350F max)- Width 17 1/2" - Depth 18" - appx 3 square ft. max chamber - oxidation only Regular fire: $3 per pound minimum & wait for full kiln to fire object. up to cone 04. Fire anytime you wish/no wait for 11$ per pound as long as kiln is available up to cone 04. Special firing programs and cone 03 & up or lengthy fires are at 13$ per pound when time and space permits. Contact by email or phone to get location and availability of space or just ask a question. Sorry if the prices seem high, it is a private kiln and it alone has to pay for it's upkeep.

  • Dave Ohlson DREUBENS 920-868-1446
    In egg Harbor Wisconsin wi
    3 electrics 2-7cubic electrics and one 5 cubic 2 lpg gas kilns 2 raku kilns. pricing would be depending on size of pieces fire from 05 to cone 8 I have plenty of kiln to go around will load the pieces be glad to help potters who do not have kilns

    Gail Kummer Stone School Craft Guild, LLC 262-642-7735
    East Troy, WI
    We have a new Skutt model KM-1027 computer controlled kiln, plus two other cone fire control kilns, one medium and one very small. Our pricing is based on 50% of the cost of our greenware, so we will have to do some estimating depending on the size of the piece to be fired. We also offer greenware, bisque, tools, glazes, acrylics, and brushes for sale. If you do your own pouring we also sell earthenware slip. Monday night from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM is our open studio night.