Pugged Clay


Forms of Clay

Clay usually comes in 1 of 3 forms: dry (powdered raw material), pugged (processed wet clay), or slip (liquid clay for casting). Pugged clay is a great option for beginner and veteran potters alike.

What is Pugging?

After mixing, wet clay will form a nearly homogenous mixture with many air bubbles folded into it. A pugmill mimics the action of wedging by giving clay the internal spiral structure ideal for throwing and removes the air bubbles. Pugged clay is wet, mixed clay that has been processed in a pugmill.


Shipping wet clay is more expensive than dry clay, but does have several advantages:

  • Ready-to-use: Even though hand-wedging is still recommended before throwing on the wheel, pugged clay is already de-aired and ready to go.
  • Low Initial Investment: Mixed, pugged clay does not require any large equipment.
  • Consistent: Aside from some marginal variation, every box of clay will be the same.
  • Dust-free: Dust is a constant problem for potters. There is no way to mix dry clay without generating a significant amount of dust. Some potters who use their own clay recipes have it mixed and delivered wet to reduce dust in the studio.
  • Selection: Pugged clay is available in a full range of colors, consistencies and temperature ranges that potters and artists use. We have a huge selection of pugged clay covering all of the major clay bodies.