Fired-on Image Transfers


Firing images on top of unfired glazed bisque (one-fire method) has become one of the most popular techniques as firing text, graphic images or photographs onto your art work opens up exciting new avenues for your creativity. It is also great for paint your own pottery studios and schools. And now Fired-On Images MS Transfer Paper can be applied during cone 06 glazing!

Transfer any printed image on your pottery using these simple steps:

Step 1. Paint 2 coats cone 06 glaze, let dry, cut out an image printed on a decal paper and soak in warm water.

Recommended cone 06 glazes:

For Dark Text or Graphics: For Photographs:
Amaco Teacher’s Palette
Spectrum 700 Series
Amaco Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors (GDC)

Step 2. Wet the area the slide image off of backing paper

Step 3. Gently push water and bubbles out from center toward edges

Step 4. Fire to cone 06


  • Smaller images will work best (images larger than 4-6" use the original on-glaze method of applying a decal to already glazed piece)

  • Thin glaze coats work best

  • Paint 1-2 thin coats of Spectrum 700 CLEAR over any cone 06 glaze to make compatible with this process

  • Let the glaze dry thoroughly before applying your image

  • Dip your finger into water and gently spread water along surface…the wet glaze will act as an adhesive

  • Make sure your image is stuck on well without leaving any dry spots or bubbles

  • Gently clean off any glaze that gets on the image surface with a soft paper towel

  • Fire to cone 06 maximum

  • As always, test first especially for cone 5

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