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Here's an inexpensive and easy way to show off your beautiful ceramic pots. They will look more interesting and important if you give them each a pedestal, and if you vary the heights of the pedestals in a grouping . All you need are pieces of 2"x4" scrap lumber, some fabric, and hot glue.

To make a single pedestal, cut 3 equal lengths of 2x4's and hot glue them together on the 4" surfaces. For example, say you are making an 8" high pedestal. Take your three 8" pieces of 2x4, stand them on end, and hot glue the 4" x 8" surfaces together. This will give you a solid block 8" tall. Then get some fabric and use it to wrap the block. First cut a square slightly larger than your top surface, pull it tight over the top and corners, and hot glue it to the sides. Turn the piece over and do the same on the bottom. Cut your final piece 1" taller than your block, and 1" wider than the circumference of the block. Fold all the edges over 1/2" and iron them flat. Wrap this piece around the whole block, and hot glue it down.

For the fabric, you may use neutral colors so the blocks will match well with a variety of pieces, or you may want to use fabrics that particularly show of a particular piece by bringing out a certain color. For larger pedestals you can you 4 pieces of 2"x6" lumber.

One hint about cutting the lumber. Remember that the saw blade has thickness. So, if you draw a line 8" from the end of the board, saw on the far side of the line. Otherwise your total length will be slightly less than 8". If you aren't consistent with this your boards could end up different lengths.

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