Making Commemorative Plates and Other Items | Big Ceramic Store


Several of our customers have recently celebrated weddings or other special events. As a memory of the occasion, they bought bisque plates or platters and had guests sign them with underglaze pencils. We recommend the black underglaze pencil.

It is a good idea to fire the platter first (after signing or decorating) with no glaze, to set the underglaze. This preliminary firing does not need to be very hot, cone 012 or so is fine. Then cover with clear glaze and refire.


As an alternative, if you are a potter you can make your own piece and bring it in bisque form. Or, with a little planning you could even capture a piece in leather hard state, wrap it well to keep it there, and have people carve their names into the plates. Clay Shaper tools would be great for that.

Please, just try a test run before the big day! Don't want to be worrying about it or have it not turn out well. Good luck!


If you're in the market for a kiln, check out our pages. We've improved them, with photos of most kilns and other information.

If you're looking for a way to get some texture into your glazes, Amaco has a product called texturizer. Made with rutile and other ingredients, it can be used over or under a glaze to create interesting effects. It is also available for low fire glazes.