How to Decorate with Fish Sauce


The depicted plate was made by Lauren Bellero of Red Bank, NJ

Lauren writes: "Glad I can give you some "tips" for a change! I recently learned about a great slip. Around here it's called "fish sauce". I love it! It can be used in cone ^6 to ^10, oxidation or reduction. It's smooth and can be made thin for brushing or thick for trailing. A typical application using a non-white clay is to brush a shape first and then slip trail over that for enhancement (leather hard!). When it is glazed, being that the slip is very white, it provides some variation in color using the same glaze."

Above is an example of a plate Lauren made. The inner circle is brushed with Fish Sauce, then she used a slip trailer to apply the raised designs. The same Cone 6 glaze was then applied over the whole plate. Lauren has also sprayed Fish Sauce on with a sprayer, and has colored the sauce so that the color shows through a transparent glaze.

Fish Sauce Recipe:

  • Kona F4 23.5%

  • Grolleg 43.6%

  • Pyrophyllite 7.8%

  • Bentonite 9.5%

  • Flint 15.6%

If you don't mix your own, you could experiment with a variety of commercial products to get similar results. For example: