How to Re-Glaze a Piece


First, note that this process is never predictable. In most cases you can make a new piece in less time than you can spend re-glazing it, with much more predictable results. But sometimes there is that piece you can't part with and really want to re-glaze. Here are some things you can try to increase your success rate. The goal, of course, is to get the new glaze to stick to the old glaze.

  • Spray the piece with spray starch, let dry, then reglaze.

  • Spray the piece with sticky hairspray (usually the cheapest you can find), dry, reglaze.

  • Heat the piece first, with a heat gun or in the oven or kiln.

  • Brush white (Elmer's) glue on, let dry, reglaze.

  • Microwave the piece for 30 seconds. (Some potters say this makes a huge difference, and the piece doesn't need to actually get or stay hot)

  • Add some suspension agent to the glaze (CMC gum or Bentonite.)

  • Add some detergent / shampoo to the glaze (baby shampoo is good because it doesn't foam)

  • To improve your odds further, wash the pot first with ammonia or detergent, wearing rubber gloves, and don't touch it. The oils from your fingers can prevent glaze from sticking.

  • And... Don't use too much of anything. If you get the coating too thick, youmay prevent adhesion instead of encouraging it.

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