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Many of our customers are interested in glass fusing. So many in fact, that we are going to start carrying glass fusing supplies. There was a lot to learn and decisions to make just to determine what kinds of glass to stock. So we will take you on the learning journey along with us.

So this tip has two parts. First is some general information about firing glass: supplies needed, types of glass, processes, etc. In addition we have two different fused glass projects, with all the supplies you need to try them yourself.

These glass fusing projects can be done in a normal ceramic kiln (With larger and thicker pieces, a lid element becomes necessary, but for these projects it is not required.) Because glass uses temperatures instead of cones, you will need to know the temperature inside your kiln. So you will need an electronic kiln or a pyrometer.

Introduction to Warm Glass

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Glass fusing - Pendants

Glass fusing & slumping bowls