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Glazing pottery can be an unpredictable yet exciting part of the pottery making process. Covering your piece with two or more glazes can lend interest to your pottery and augment the natural form of the piece. To achieve new and beautiful glaze finishes, you need interesting glazes that run, break or change colors in interesting ways. Recently, glaze manufacturers have responded to this need and have lots of interesting products to choose from.

These glazes are often referred to as "art glazes" due to their unpredictable yet fascinating finishes. The final results of these glazes will depend on many things such as glaze thickness, clay surface, firing temperature and cooling time. The results are often experimental, but the excitement lies in seeing the final results. Take a chance on these interesting glazes and see what creative inspirations start to flow!


Amaco Artist Choice glazes are a natural. They are designed to recreate some traditional high fire gas kiln glazes.

Aztec Turquoise

Exotic Blue


Iron Saturate

Seafoam Green



Amaco Alligator GlazesVariegated matt textures predominate at the lower firing temperatures and gloss textures at the higher with a mingling of matt and gloss between the extremes.

Moss Agate

Mottled Orange

Tahitian Blue

Old Pewter

Speckled Green





Amaco Magic Flow Magic flow glazes are a special series, which imitates the effect of Cone 10 reduction ash glazes. The clay on which it is used affects the unique wiggly flow of these glazes. For best results use a Talc containing clay. You can also get excellent results on slip cast items. On non-talc bodies the wiggly effects will not show as prominently but will smooth out and flow more in a straight line.

Dark Blue

Burnt Orange


Dark Green




Duncan Crystals and Crackles Opaque Gloss colors with embedded color crystals that melt and run during the firing process.

Peppered Raspberry

Emerald Falls


Solar Flares

Monet's Garden

Fudge Marble





Duncan Designer Glazes These new glazes by Duncan have lustrous finishes, accented by the unique color breaks make each piece unique and stunning.

Distressed Denim

Celery Charmeuse

Teal Tweed

Crimson Chenille

Saffron Silk

Forest Flannel



Amaco Potters Choice glazes are one of our most popular. They are designed to recreate some traditional high fire gas kiln glazes. Remember that results will vary and experimentation is the rule! (Selected colors shown.)


Albany Slip Brown

Ancient Jasper



Blue Rutile





Laguna Mystic Glazes These radical glazes redefine 'break-up" at Cone 5. The mottled and shimmering colors create an exciting, almost "dancing effect" whether on functional or art ware.

Brilliant Sunburn

Layered Fern

Mystic Celadon Froth

Power Turquoise

Turbulent Indigo

Mohave Dusk


Spectrum Stoneware Textured glazes are very interesting. Green Stone is green breaking tan, very nice on textures. And Textured Kiwi is sometimes more green, sometimes more blue, but always gorgeous!

Green Stone

Texture Kiwi Fruit

Holly Green

Texture Moonscape

Reactive Red

Metallic Gold


Laguna Moroccan Sand And many of our most popular Moroccan Sand colors are anything but boring!


Dynasty Red


Pippin Green

Forrest Green

Royal Blue