Testimonials from our Customers


Wow...a reply on Sunday afternoon! Thanks so much. Rita

Hey just wanted to let you guys know how Awesome you are through the years I have ordered from you never had a problem in fact just the opposite you have always been extremely helpful. So when my old wheel finally died last Tuesday I ordered a new one and it was here in two day amazing. The wheel is wonder like going from driving an 1978 truck that needed work to a bran new car wow what a difference. The price was great thank you for your competitive pricing and wonderful selection and fast shipping. Thanks Tosha

You have been very helpful, thank you very much. David

I just wanted to let y'all know the second part of my order arrived, and appears to be in good shape. I'll hook up the wheel to test it this weekend. Unless I run into anything in set-up, I think we're good. Thanks for all your assistance and your patience with me through the order process. Joel

Thank you for taking such quick action! We look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Mike

I received your message. Thank you. The combined shipment is perfect. You can be assured I’ll never shop anywhere else. Karin

I have received de Wheel. It is perfect. Everything looks good and complete. Mis stepfather is really really happy. Also I have given him the gift certificate and all the data of the store so I think you will be hearing from him in no time. Thank you for everything. Have a GREAT year!!! Rosario

You folks are amazing. I haven't even got the handles on the mugs yet and here's my glazes! Thanks once again for your superb service. May everything come up roses, Catherine

Thanks, I love working with your company - you make everything so easy! Jan

Thank you again, my wife LOVES the wheel! Thank you for all your help. John

I'd also like to say it's been a pleasure dealing with a small business like yours. You provide the personal attention to customers that the larger companies can't match. Your policy of using e-mail to communicate with your customers works very well. (I'm still waiting for a return call from a large art supply company.) I look forward to ordering from you again in the future. Best wishes for a Happy New Year to everyone at Big Ceramic Store! Regards, Karen

I enjoyed your “about” page and being a dog lover hearing about yours. Keep up the good work, I love your website and often order supplies when it is inconvenient to get off my Island to buy them. Your service is excellent, and I love your “how-to’s” I have been making pots since 1968 and still get excited about trying out new ideas. Lydia

wow, fast, thanks! JoAnn

We received our L&L kiln that we ordered from you. Everything arrived just fine. The quality of the kiln and the help and communication from your store were all super. Thank you for your help. We will certainly be ordering more supplies from you. Thanks again :) Kevin

I've been so busy playing with my kiln and getting used to it that I forgot to email you when it arrived. It made it here the exact day that it was supposed to--on the 10th and everything is great. Thank you so much. You really helped me to take a very big step forward with my art business. I can now create much larger pieces. I did quite a bit of research before I purchased your kiln and you, by far, surpassed all of your competition. 
Thank you for everything. This was a major purchase and investment for my business but you and your company made it go about as well as I could expect. Blessings to you and yours. Mark

Thanks, Glen, you really rock. Your service is over and above the call of duty. Thank you! Linda

Wow, great customer service. We received the order today-thanks so much. We will definitely use you to order from again! Jan

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to drop you all a quick note and let you know the kiln shipment was delivered without incident on Friday afternoon. Thank you all for you help with this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate how you went the extra mile for me. 
Thanks again and have a great week! Marion

Thank you so much! And thank you too for your great customer service!!! Cathy

Good grief! It shipped on the 2nd, and arrived here on the 3rd! You people (and Fed Ex) are amazing! I'm going to have fun with these great glazes. Torrey

Just a note to let you know that the kiln arrived and I have it all set up. It arrived beautifully packed and everything in tack. Thanks for an excellent shopping experience. 
When we have other ceramic needs bigceramicstore.com will be number 1 on our list. Best regards, Jim and Mary

As always you guys have premium customer service. Thank you for your prompt and "go-to" response! Page

Thank you for the great service and cool products. Stephen

Dear Big Ceramic Store, 
How many words are there to describe reliable? Once again, I find your service fast, dependable and downright perfect. A thousand thanks. Catherin

Thanks for a great job! We managed to get the kiln home from the storage facility where it lived until snow-out here in Northern Maine. The folks in Mesquite did an excellent job on fit, finish, and functionality. The packaging was very durable and the crate arrived in perfect condition without incident. We were primarily concerned with safety and this kiln is an outstanding example of how to do it right. An initial test of the controller was thumbs-up. Best regards to all involved! Gary and Kim

I was given some old frits and had no idea what they were. Your chart was very useful thanks! New Zealand

Thanks for the wonderful service! Carol

Thank you so much. Once again, your customer service is impeccable. Dori

Thank you for your >>>>FAST>>>> shipment of our new Artista wheel! While speaking with a customer service agent, "who knew what he was talking about" I was assured that it would do the job. It set up quickly and my wife was amazed at the performance and power. (the folding legs are strong and stable just as you had described and the pedal option was a must!) It is what is says. Powerful, light & well built. Doing shows 2 times a month is a lot of equipment moving so this option seems to be the best! I'm so glad I will not need to lug our CXC around anymore! (My back thanks you also) My hats off to you guys and hope to do more business with you soon. Again, thank you for your advice and help! R.

You guys ROCK. I got it in time for Christmas. Lisa

Glen, once again thank you. I am becoming a VERY BIG FAN of Big Ceramics...wish you were closer LOL. Mark

You guys are Super! Thanks for everything. Gab

Just received the kiln. Yeee Haww!! You should know that the freight company you used is wonderful. Well for this shipping job they were, anyway. Very patient with me and the box was in perfect condition. No scrapes, no dents, no holes etc. I have opened the stand box and opened the top of the kiln box and all looks perfect. I will open the furniture box and rest of the kiln box when big strong boys are here to help me this evening. 
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for being so patient with me, Cindi. You are truly and perfectly performing a customer service. Juli

Well, once again you are on time and correct in your order. Truly, your the best! Thank you for continued excellence in a world of screw ups. 
Have a great one and I will definitely be ordering more in the future with you. Mark

Sounds like a deal. Thank you so much Cindi. I've just gotta say, I really love your website. Linda

Thank YOU for an incredible website. Through the years you have provided such incredible useful information...the words thank you don't express the true gratitude. Tari

Just received the subject order and the items are exactly as described. 
From the time we placed the order until it showed up on our front door was less than 24 hours. FANTASTIC! Carol

MAN are you efficient! HOLY COW! Mark

The Team at bigceramicstore.com: Just wanted you to know I've recently started assembling my own pottery studio. I have been taking some classes. One evening I was searching the net and came upon your site. Like everyone else in these financial times I was looking for the best price and was happy also to see so much helpful information your site has to offer. I order a wheel, bates and a trimming tool. I was so happy with my purchases and with the fast delivery. Being a new potter your site with all the information has made things much less stressful. I feel comfortable ordering and knowing I've made a good choice. Keep up the good work and you have gained a life long loyal customer. Caroline

We want to thank you for a great web site that is easy to navigate, a great selection of products and good pricing. Joe

We will be looking at your site, anytime we are ready to order more items. Mary

I do stained glass and am mulling over learning how to also fire glass, which of course will require a kiln. Your website has offered the most and best information I have ever found when searching for information. Thanks so much for your effort and if I convince myself to learn how to fuse glass, I will be back! Terry

Thank you very much, I really appreciate you changing my shipping, I kept vacillating between the two and chose the more expensive one to ensure my arrival date. I didn't know they were the same dates and that one was UPS. I thought they were both FedEx. Thank you for your help in sorting this out I will remember this for future orders. Your favorite customer and biggest fan-- Jenni

Great news!! Not only did the replacement shelf already arrive, it's in one piece -- AND it's ROUND!!!! We can't thank you enough for all that you did to help us out with this. We will definitely be coming back for more supplies. Laurie

This spring we ordered 2 Shimpo VL-Whisper wheels and a North Star Big Blue Extruder from your company and were totally pleased with delivery. Here’s a belated Thank you. Geri

Last time I placed an order I had to add something. I called your warehouse at what I thought was an unreasonable hour and was so surprised to speak with a real person. Keep up the good work--all my shopping experiences with you have been great. Thank you. Karen

Thanks for the quick shipment of my order. I received both deliveries within 2 days of each other. I am really impressed with your professionalism and great work. Jane

Thank you very much for the quick delivery. The package was received, today, in good condition and will be given to our son Feb 9th for his 18th Birthday. Thanks again. Ed

Got the shelves this morning - incredibly fast Thank you so much for you work, it has been a pleasure. Dan

Just wanted to drop you a note and say I received my orders and I love your web site. I'm new at pottery and have been taking classes. I decided to research the different sites and when I came to yours I was very impressed. I'm very happy with all of my purchases and would like for you to know that you have gained a loyal customer. I have learned so much from the articles and now I feel more knowledgeable when I make a purchase. And most of all you can't beat your prices. Carol

Wonderful! Thanks for such a quick response. Pat

Thanks very much! We appreciate this great service. ml

Thank you for the information. You all are a professional group with which I enjoy doing business with. Wife is really looking forward to using your product. Bob

Thanks so much for checking into my order. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. Michael

Hi Cindi, I would like to thank you for all your help with my kiln order. The kiln arrived by fed ex on the 27^th of December and the driver put the kiln on its pallet in the garage for me. All parts of the order arrived with the kiln. My husband and I dissembled the kiln and located it that afternoon. How cool is that! Thanks again you’re great. Teri

Hello. Hope everything is well. I don't know how to go about giving a testimonial, but I'd like to give my feedback on my order. I received my shipment of Kemper items today, and am very happy to have them. They were intended as a gift, and made it here in great time. Not only were the folks at BigCeramicStore courteous, they know how to take care of their inventory, as my items were shipped very securely, and appeared newer than new. It is quite possible that we could do repeat business in the future. BigCeramicStore is now on my list of preferred online vendors. Thanks for everything!

I received the order today. Thank you so much! You are terrific!! Star

wow that's what i call GOOD SERVICE ! thanks! marta

Thank you. Appreciate your prompt attention to this small order at a very busy time! Bob

I ordered some air-hardening clay for kids, and I couldn't believe how fast the order was filled and delivered to my home. Thanks!! Lois

Oh thank you and Merry Christmas!! We (my fellow students at my pottery class) talk about your store and recommend it to everyone we meet. You are the greatest!!

Just wanted to thank you for the care with which you filled my recent order and the prompt service and shipping. My wife will really be pleased with the banding wheel. Thanks again, and have a great holiday! Regards, Greg

THANKS. You guys are great. I am so happy I found you on the Web and have recommended you to friends. -Susan

Thanks, you guys are awesome. I love the website! Easy to navigate, easy to buy (easy to spend a lot) thanks for the great service. Kristine

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your superior service. It is indeed a pleasure to deal with professionals who are serious about what they do. Cindy was very prompt and thorough answering my e-mail and making it possible for me to complete my purchase. That is not an everyday occurrence these days and to think that it was on a Sunday! Sincerely, Steve

Thank you for the prompt shipping of my order. Since you were in a moving mode I didn't expect it so fast! I love my new 4 inch Scott Creek extruder. I put it up on a post in my studio and I'm having a ball making little boxes. Can't wait to try more of the dies. Happy Holidays, Patricia

Thank you so much for your recommendations. I look forward to exploring your suggestions. You have been most helpful. You have such a nice web site, and I now realize you provide customer service which matches in its thoroughness. Best Regards, Regina

I couldn't believe how quickly my order came. On Monday night I sent my order and it was waiting for me on Wednesday when I got home. WOW!

Your website is a joy to navigate and your offerings extensive. I really love the Tips section. Thank you for being such a customer friendly company in these ways. Sincerely Deb

I received the shipment yesterday in record time! I wasn't able to open the package yet because the recipient of this present was with me when I arrived home yesterday, huge boxes waiting at my doorstep, and my biggest hurdle was to hide the boxes from her until her birthday this week. I trust that everything will be in order when I open it for display and presentation, and I'm sure she will love the wheel. EG

I had to write and let Big Ceramic Store know how happy I am that your service is available. Your prices seem just and are plain heavenly to me; and believe me they are quite affordable. I have a limited income. Nonetheless you seem to have everything an amateur clay worker could possibly need.

Thank you for being a heaven sent. pcb

I believe I was corresponding with Doyle a few weeks about a Brent Model CXC vs. C Wheel. Just a note to thank you for your help. I ordered the Model C from Big Ceramic last Monday, received it on Friday. Very happy with the wheel. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. Mary Ann

I just wanted to say your web site is one of the best I have seen. Alot of information and time has gone into. Really gave me alot of information on buying a kiln. I am in the market for one but I need to find out how much voltage I need first. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together. Really helpful. Thanks, Angie

Hey Doyle and the rest of the BigCeramicStore Support Team, 
I received the backordered items on Friday in perfect condition. Thank you for all of your help with this order. It means a great deal to have a company care so much about taking good care of its customers. I have already begun to spread the word to fellow potters about the great experience I have had with BigCeramicStore.com. Sincerely, Chantelle

You guys are great! I always get my product promptly and in perfect order. Give yourselves a big raise! Or at least a bonus! Thanks again, Lisa

I received the shipment yesterday in record time! Thanks also for the $25 coupon. I'm sure we'll make good use of that soon since you've proven to me your commitment to customer service. Thank you very much. -Efrain.

I just wanted to let you know that both kiln and wheel arrived today, that was great. Thanks again for your help and great service! Heidi

I will follow your advise and hopefully it will turn out. Thanks again so very much....Rachel. I love bigceramicstore and I tell all the people in ceramic class about it....

Just a note to thank you for your help. I ordered the Model C from Big Ceramic last Monday, received it on Friday. Very happy with the wheel. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. Mary Ann

I had to write and let Big Ceramic Store know how happy I am that your service is available. Your prices seem just and are plain heavenly to me; and believe me they are quite affordable. I have a limited income. Nonetheless you seem to have everything an amateur clay worker could possibly need. Thank you for being a heaven sent. pcb

By the way, your response time is unbelievable! Definitely recommend you to friends. Mary

I just wanted to say your web site is one of the best I have seen. Alot of information and time has gone into. Really gave me alot of information on buying a kiln. I am in the market for one but I need to find out how much voltage I need first. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together. Really helpful. Thanks, Angie

I received the backordered items on Friday in perfect condition. Thank you for all of your help with this order. It means a great deal to have a company care so much about taking good care of its customers. I have already begun to spread the word to fellow potters about the great experience I have had with BigCeramicStore.com. Sincerely, Chantelle ( a very loyal customer)

Thank you very much for your prompt follow-up and help resolving the problem. Have a great day. Scott

Thank you so much! I realy appreciate it! You guys are awsome! thanks again! -scott

You guys are great! I always get my product promptly and in perfect order. Give yourselves a big raise! Or at least a bonus! Thanks again, Lisa

Thank you. It's been great doing business with you. Everything arrives so quickly and your website is the best ever. You should be a model for all other businesses. Teresa

Thanks for your extremely quick reply. I expected a reply in 2 days not 10 minutes. I think that the glass etching idea is great.

The wheel arrived at my house yesterday and appears to be in perfect condition. Thank you for the promp service both with correspondence (my many questions) and delivery of the order. I look forward to doing business again. Karen

thank you for keeping me informed of my order, i really like yalls company.

Thanks, you all have give good service! Madeline

Thank you so much for your wonderful customer support! Ann

Thanks for the update. Good service is so rare these days, I appreciate yours. Todd

Thank you so much for your help with my questions--and so very promptly! It reminds me of why I love being one of your customers :) Anthea

You are the absolute best company. I want you to know, that tell everyone I know about your customer service. Thank you so much, Nancy

THANKS A MILLION FOR ALL YOUR HELP. You have the patience of an angel! Have a happy holiday!

I am very fast becoming a regular and loyal customer of yours, because of your amazing inventory, very reasonable prices and amazing service. I have passed this information on to the many fellow participants of a thrice weekly ceramics studio of about 30 people. Two instructors and several other students have also begun to order from you. I very much appreciate your wonderful delivery service and your prices and wanted you to know how those excellent features has very quickly included several other customers to your undoubtedly huge customer list. I wish all of you at Big Ceramics Store a fabulous holiday and again, thank you so much for your superb service. Please be sure to tell all involved with the orders of my high regards. :-) Monday

I was amazed at your quick response...thank you. I thought maybe that I just hadn't sent the order in so you set my mind at rest. so we should be recieving the package on wednesday I think... Your quick response to my shipping question is a wonderful testimony to your company, it's policies and to you as well. thanks again. Karen

Thanks for your prompt response and kind accommodation. You are a great store. Barbara

Thank you for such prompt shipping and wonderful service. My husband purchased my Clay Boss from you in October - I was a big fan from the get-go. :) The Olsons

Just wanted to thank you for my order, got it yesterday, and am anxious to try them out. What fast and absolutely great service! Thanks again. Meri

I just wanted to thank you. Because of your effort to make things a little cheaper, I received from you a couple of weeks ago a slab roller, that was installed in classroom today. I work a an outreach teacher for a program for kids at risk. They are so excited about being able to roll their clay out instead of throwing their slabs. I work very hard to give these kids the very best I can find. Again thank you. Teresa Loebenberg Ocean Springs, MS

I want to thank you for your prompt reply to my request for a replacement plastic motor cover for my new *** that I bought from you. I emailed you with a photo showing the damaged part, and it seemed that before I could turn around, a replacement had arrived... Thanks again. David Lewis

We wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with our recent purchases from BigCeramicStore. Being somewhat new to ceramics, your website has been a wealth of information to us, going far beyond the typical Internet shopping site. Even more impressive has been your lightning quick service, and great prices. Your attention to detail, customer service, and honest advice when we have had questions is truly appreciated. Your site has become our first stop for our ceramic needs. Thank you Doyle! Andre & Kathy Zunino

I was very skeptical about ordering something as big as a Pug Mill off of the internet because of the lack of service I have found in the past from internet companies. However it did not take long for me to know that I was not dealing with a computer but with real human beings. Some unavoidable issues arose in ordering my mill and the people at BigCeramicStore helped and guided me through the whole process. It was obvious they knew a lot more about the product than I did. They were very quick to help and reply my emails. I would gladly shop at BigCeramicStore again. Rick, Westlake Village, CA

Just wanted to say that I received the BigCeramicStore order -- everything was great and I was very impressed with the speed at which I received the order. It was so much faster than the one I only just received from one of your competitors that I placed around the same time -- plus your shipping rates are much more fair. (The only reason I ordered from the other company is that you didn't carry the item.) I look forward to doing business with your company in the future. P


Setting up shop is no easy task. So, thanks for your so easy to use extraordinary web site. I appreciate all the service I have gotten from Big Ceramic Store. I couldn't be more pleased. DE

Thank you so much on the great service of my order. I received it this evening via UPS Ground. I will be on the wheel tomorrow for the first time. AB

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question about low-fire clay, and on a Sunday no less. I really appreciate it. You were very helpful. SH

,,, thank you so much for taking just one more extra step for us. SG

Thank you so much for being so fast! LP

Thanks so much for the quick response. It arrived as predicted. I will certainly use your store again. KK

Thanks for the quick response. This is easier then driving into the city to buy supplies. LC

Thank you so much for the supplies. I was MOST happy with them. I was referred to your site by a student and I have told many others about the wonderful prices and items you carry. I shall be ordering more. MN

Everything has arrived and the new wheel is absolutely heavenly. I am delighted to have such state of the art products and enjoyed getting them from you. Thank you very much for your attentiveness to the order and shipping as well as offering such a good price. CM

Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and integrity. TS

Thanks again for all your help. No problems. The kick wheel arrived Monday and I am quite pleased. I'll shop with you again. Have a great day! RB

...looking forward to a long business relationship with your company. you've got the best toy selection i've ever seen . . . and i'm a total online shopper. i remembered how i found you . . . a google search for pottery supplies! CG


I love "Big Ceramic Store" and I tell all my clay buddies about you. KS

Thanks for your prompt reply... BTW, I am really enjoying reading the tips you have provided readers. Many are very timely and useful to me. JG

Cindi and Glen: the purpose of this e-mail is to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka or whatever is in any religion or language....and the second purpose is to thank you for your help to select the most adequate equipment for our needs. ...this message should be posted for all your workmates and superiors to see and learn how a customer can be helped by walking the extra mile......Ernesto and Mary

Received my order today and everything was perfect (I always worry especially on orders for the holidays). Thank you for your prompt attention to my order. The videos and book will make wonderful presents for my husband! P.S. Thanks so much for the "stocking stuffer". The clay bag clip is great. I'll have him try it out. I almost ordered some for him and I appreciate the "freebie". Thanks again! JG

I received my order today and am very impressed with the prompt service. I was pleasantly surprised with not only the speed of order fulfillment but having received the shipment within one day from the order date!!. It's a pleasure doing business with you. LR 1

Thanks for the great customer service! PR

Received my order in a very timely fashion. Thanks for the accuracy. Also, I enjoyed the poster! Nice to do business with you guys. JD

My kiln arrived about a week and a half ago, and today the electrician comes to wire it in. It is beautiful! I go out to the studio to visit it fairly often; can't wait to fire it up for the first time... Thanks for the wonderful service that you and Big Ceramics Store provided. I will shop with you again (just as soon as I can afford that tile press). You did such a great job of keeping me posted on the status of my order, and making sure that I had the right model for our power system. I am going to recommended you to other clayheads! AN

Thank you so much for the poster I received yesterday. It is so cool and it will look great on my studio wall!! You run one of the best pottery supply websites/organizations I have ever come across, and I really appreciate the extra little things you do for your customers! CP

You're the best - thank you sincerely for taking the time to answer my questions! I've taken the odd ceramics class on and off through the years and never really got a handle on most of the technicalities. I just placed a good sized order (birthday gift from my wonderful husband), so I'm going to have a ball playing around with everything. Again, thanks for all of your time. I will recommend your site to others. OL

Just got my box of frames and easels today. They are great. I love the easels. Just wanted to thank you for getting it here so promptly and such great quality for the price. Thanks. HC

I also want to say that your service has been great! Our shopping centers (62 and growing) do a lot of these tile projects and I will be sure to let everyone know where to get their paints from now on! TM

Thank you very much for your kind care and efforts. I received the shipment today and every thing is there. I haven't tried the wheel yet. It has been a pleasure shopping at your store. I'm looking forward to dealing with you in the near future. HA

It was great doing business with you! I received my order promptly and in good shape. I'll visit your web site again-Thanks a bunch! MS

I recently participated in a local craft fair and sold 32 pieces--more than double than what I’ve sold at the same fair in the past! You know what the difference was? All of the pieces were decorated using glazes and techniques I got from your website! Thank you so much for expanding my horizons by providing a source that offers so many incredible choices and so much great information. CB

I would like to thank you for the fast shipping of our order to XXX in Onalaska, Wisconsin. I'm sure we will be doing more business with your company!!!

Just want to let you know that your website is by far the most informative and easy to use that I've ever come across. I'm just getting started and will be ordering all of my stuff from you. We have a local company (xxxx) that doesn't provide any help online and they are not much better in person. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share the wealth of info and products! You're awesome! KP

I just placed my first order on your website. I would be very remiss if I did not tell you how wonderful your website is! It is so easy to navigate and find the item I am interested in, immediately. The information and explanation of your product line and usage is astounding and clear to me. Amazing. Other websites should take website construction lessons from you! Whoever set it up deserves a raise! I absolutely love the instructions and tips. I feel like I have a teacher available 24 hours a day! Thanks so much. Sincerely, Linda Rosenthal

I always appreciate your prompt responses. I'll certainly recommend you to my students... I was impressed with your website from the time I found it. Beautifully done and easy to navigate, very important. Congratulations. I also shop at XXX, but they lack your customer service support and speed of delivery, even though they are here in Florida. Gilda

Just a friendly FYI. I've been searching the internet for some months now trying to find a web site to buy my kiln from and yours is the only one that i can say has been truly helpful. Your informational section was a particularly help. Jon

Hi - I'm a former potter. Hopefully I'll be putting my studio back together within the next year, so I've been doing some research. My husband and I own a gallery, and I spend a fair amount of time on the web visiting art sites. Just wanted you to know, you're site is great. It is easy to navigate, clear, and concise. I've bookmarked it for future use, and when the time is right, you'll be hearing from me. Thanks for a great job! Aloha, Deborah

By the way I thoroughly enjoyed your website. Shopping there is rather like strolling through a great art supply store... one of my favorite pastimes :-) So many of the websites are covered with glaring text and flashing stuff all over the place. Yours is a pleasure to peruse. You've also done an excellent job of providing thorough descriptions of all of your products. When my 77-year-old mother asked about where to shop for her grandson's birthday gifts, I suggested she look around on your site. She reported back to me that she, too, enjoyed the site and found it to be "surely the most accommodating of any that I have used." Keep up the great work! Lorraine

Thank you so much for the info. I read the info in the tips area and found it fascinating and extremely illuminating! This answers so many questions I have had regarding firing temperatures for a long time! Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. Jeanne

What a pleasure to use your site! Absolutely efficient and well thought out. Thanks. Mallory

Thank you very much. You folks are great to deal with. Bill

I just received my order in my college mail room and everything looks great!!! You had my order here before I needed it for class, so you have eliminated any last minute stress. I thank you, and you should expect to see more orders from me in the very near future! I would also like to thank you for having this online ceramics store because it is a real pain to try and get ceramics supplies, tools, etc. here in N.C. Thanks Again Mike

Thank you so much! You efficiency is greatly appreciated. I definitely plan on many return visits to your web site. Thank you again and I hope the Holidays are enjoyable for you and your "team" Susan

I love your site! I am a potter who is just learning to create web sites and I am doubly enthusiastic about your site. Great products, links and information done in a pleasant and folksy manner. Thanks. Jack

Thank you, Cindi for all your research on my questions! I am a new potter and I have really had a hard time with glazes. I really appreciate you quick response and time. I feel that I can order stuff from the Big Ceramic Store and ask questions and they will be answered, which makes me only want to order from your store. You will have my business from now on!!! Thanks again. Lori

As a web developer I must say you have an excellent site. The search engine in combination with HyperLinks navigation is great! Thanks, KgF

CINDI!!!! Long Distance Hug!!! I have wanted to know for a long time how to make a mold. I have several pieces that I would like to re-create because I don't have a mold. Your tips are easy to understand; it's as if you are reading my mind! Thanks so much for all your tips. I eagerly await parts 2 & 3!! Many Thanks!! Cenia

I love you big ceramic store. Thanks, Ruby

I recently found your site while searching for places to buy supplies on the net. I have a small studio in my house and no supply places any closer than an hour away. My search stopped at Bigceramicstore.com! I absolutely love your site and buy all of my clay, glazes and supplies from it! I just wanted to pass along my thanks and support! Laura

I would just like to thank your company for your prompt shipping. I received an E-mail telling me that my wheel had been shipped the day before, so the next day I was going to track it on your website to see about how long it would take for it to arrive at my door. When I returned home that is exactly where it was, at my front door. I didn't order two day air but that is what I got, and we are very happy with our new wheel. Thank you for your prompt customer service! Derrick

Thank you for all your help. I haven't had this great of customer service ever. Your a real asset to the BigCeramicStore.

Y'know in this world where everything is so fast paced and everyone is so busy, it's so nice to have someone take the time and respond personally. You renew my faith in humanity! Thank you.

Thank you so much for your quick response to my order. I just discovered your website the other day and I love it. I'm not real great with finding my way with computers but I found your website to be very easy to use and I like that the shipping charges and any additions to my cart were immediately calculated. You also have an excellent choice of stock. Great job! Good luck with your company! Sincerely, Marcia

You are wonderful to check up with me about the tools. I have never known anyone with a business who cared that much about their customers! It is very much appreciated. Thanks to you and Cindi for all your kind help and support. You can be assured that we will continue to use and abuse you as time goes on for all our studio needs. Kathryn

Whew! That was the fastest reply I ever got from an E-Mail on-line. Thanks for the answer. I will start downloading as soon as I leave you. You should give lessons to other stores on Customer relations. I just quit searching for any other supplier. Sandra

You have wonderful service! Thank you for sending my books out so quickly! Laura

I am always finding new things to like about the "Big Ceramic Store"..it keeps getting better! Mel

Thank you for the very fast delivery of your products. I am taking my second pottery class (pottery wheel) and plan to continue as I love it. (I just retired and have the time). A person (Kate) in my class wrote your website on our large chalkboard so that I could order sponges which could not be found in our town. I did not expect such fast delivery but need the sponges for smooth finishing. I will tell the members of the class of my complete satisfaction with your company and website. You should get added business from our area as a result of posting and my accolades. Please keep up the good work. We need your supplies. Sincerely, Nikki

Just wanted to tell you that I received my tile sitters. I was surprised at how quickly I got them and they were beautifully packed. Thanks for great service. Donna

I look forward to your tips and I save them to read when my the 9 to 5 is getting to me. I am getting interested in glazes and I am just beginning to appreciate them and the recipes. Thanks for wetting my appetite. You may not believe it but it is a highlight in my day. Keep up the good work. Stephanie

I am impressed with your web site. It is easy to navigate and the search worked well for me. It was very easy to order using it and you processed the order quickly. I read about your company on your site and I understand you are a husband/wife team. I must say you are a great team. Thanks for making ordering easy. Sincerely, Peggy

Greeting Big Ceramic Store, esp. Glen Miller, Just wanted to thank you on your timely and efficient manner in which you filled my order. The glazes arrived yesterday and will be put to use next week. I appreciated the contact and tracking of the order throughout the process via E-mail. Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you all in the future. Cheerz .

Thanks so much for the tools. That was very nice of you. I opened the wheel and it looks like it is in really good shape. Also, UPS picked up the old wheel today. I appreciate the effort your company (and you) have put in to fix this problem. You definitely stand behind your products and your customer service was excellent. I will be doing business with you again and I won't hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanks for all your help, Glen. You were great. Terri

I just want you to know that I really enjoy your tips and glean a great deal of info from them. Thanks and keep up the good work. Terry

Your site is great! I really enjoy all the extra info you add to each page, and the FAQ. For people who are just hobbyists, your site is just awesome. Scott

Thank you so much ! Not just for a great on-line shopping experience, but for the fantastic, personalized customer service. My wife and I are mere beginners in this whole new world of pottery and I can say that your helpful web-site and expedient responsiveness to inquiries is both refreshing and comforting. It is great to know there are people out there willing to help! Chuck

I have done a lot of searching on the web for ceramic supplies. I must say, you guys have out done yourselves. Your site far surpasses any of the others I have visited....I guess that is why the only two online purchases I have made (for ceramic stuff) have been with you. A lot of the sites I found are simply "propaganda" sites, they don't even give a complete listing of what they sell, let alone allow me to buy it online. Bradley