Collection: Aftosa Finishing Supplies

Congratulations! You are nearly finished with your piece. If you want to add a little extra decorative, functional, and finishing accessory to your creation, here is the place to find it. We have clock hands, cork and neoprene pads, lamp kits, pumps, goblets, teapot handles, and so much more. Not only have you created a beautiful work of art but also you have created something that is both functional and useful at the same time!

Additionally, finishing accessories also include items used for displaying your plates, tiles, and bowls. You’ve worked hard for it. Why not show it off with our black iron display stands, Lucite risers, and wood frames? Combined with your own creation, it makes a great gift! All the items in this page are in stock and ready to ship with your other items. (Note: For attaching tiles, hot glue works.) Tiles are NOT included unless otherwise indicated.

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