Collection: Amaco Glazes

A leader in safe ceramic products since 1919, Amaco was the first to create lead-free glazes. Now the company offers a variety of high and low fire glazes, along with underglazes in an assortment of dazzling colors and finishes. Amaco also produces kilns, tools, and clays to suit any artist’s needs.

Amaco’s Velvet Underglazes are popular for professionals and children alike. These glazes fire true to their color and keep a velvety appearance if used alone. Apply to wet clay, greenware, or Cone 04 bisque and fire to Cone 05/06. Artists can also apply a clear gloss coating for shiny texture and color vividness.

The Amaco Pompeian Ash line offers a sultry effect without the usual cone 10 firing in reduction that most ash glazes require. Simply fire to cone 5 or 6 in an electric kiln to reveal wiggly patterns reminiscent of burning ash.