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Since its beginnings in 1954 with just a few underglaze selections, Mayco now produces a variety of glazes, molds, bisque, non-fired products, and more. Mayco promises high quality products at an affordable price.

Mayco glazes come in an assortment of product lines. Each line is special while offering plenty of colors, finishes, and textures that can be fired anywhere from cone 06 to cone 10. Check out Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes which explode with color upon firing, or try Sparkling Sandstones, a non-fired acrylic paste that appears stone-like with a fine sandpaper texture.

All Mayco products are proudly made in the USA and reviewed by Duke University toxicologists for safety. Most products are AP non-toxic. These products can be used by everyone for fun and unique creations.

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