Collection: Pacifica Pottery Wheels

Pacifica wheels come in both 110v and 240v with leg extensions (from 1 to 23 inches of additional height), a seat, and additional work space available at an extra cost. They are great because the torque of the motor is immediately felt as soon as you step on the foot pedal. They contain all the power a potter can ever need with a 13” cast aluminum throwing head, durable molded tabletop and easy to remove splash pan. Really, the only main difference between the GT-400 and GT-800 is their horsepower and the amount of weight they can carry. The GT-800 develops up to 1hp compared to the 1/2hp of the GT-400 allowing the GT-800 center up to 100 lbs. of clay while the GT-400 can only center up to 80 lbs. of clay.