Collection: Raku & Gas Kilns

Raku firing, is a two-step firing process that results in unique and interesting effects. Although there are several definitions of Raku, the firing process is basically the same, and results are inevitably exciting and unpredictable.

This is where a Raku kiln comes in handy. We offer both gas fired and electric Raku kilns, by Olympic, at budget friendly pricing. Or, if you are the Do-It-Yourself kind of person, we offer a Complete Raku Kiln Kit manufactured by Bracker’s.

Although the firing can be done in most kilns, Raku kilns are specifically designed for the temperature extremes, and for safety. They are fitted with specialty cut-off switches in the lid, or a winch system, for easier and safer removal of the red hot pieces.

Reduction firing creates some of the richest colors and exceptional effects attainable in ceramics. For this reason alone, experienced potters often find themselves drawn to gas kilns.

Although propane or natural gas are generally the fuel source, interior design and placement of the burners is also a consideration, as they play a huge role in the finished product. Updraft kilns are designed to heat from the bottom and exhaust out the top, while downdraft kilns are designed to heat from the bottom, circulate through the stacks, and exhaust out the bottom. Each will produce different effects and flashing.

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