Collection: Raku Glazes

Whether you’ve done Raku in the past, are currently working with Raku, or are thinking about giving it a try, we’ve got the glazes you need to make it an awesome experience! Offering Raku glazes from Amaco, Laguna and Spectrum, at Big Ceramic Store we’re proud of the variety we make available to our customers.

Pre-mixed, dry, and multi-purpose Raku glazes enhance the unique beauty of each piece. Not only do the colors range from soft and natural, to vivid and bold, but the surface effects produced are incredible. Crazed, crackled, smoky, lustrous shines and subtle variations within each formula produce results you will be proud of, and amazed by!

Follow manufacturer’s directions for mixing and application of any glaze. Always wear protective clothing and a NIOSH-approved respirator when dealing with glazes, both raw, and pre-mixed. Wearing heat and fireproof clothing, heat resistant gloves, a respirator, and comfortable shoes is essential to your wellbeing when doing Raku or any type of glazing. Never try to remove wares from electric kilns while they are turned on, the exposure to the electrical elements is extremely hazardous and potentially fatal. Still not sure which glazes would best support you needs, call our customer service line or you can email your questions to

We’ve received many customer concerns about glazes freezing during shipping in cold weather. Luckily, most glazes can be thawed and mixed and still work properly. Please put a comment in your order if you would like us to hold your order until the weather has improved.