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Beginning in 1899, Speedball now boasts offering its high quality products throughout the world. Every product is ACMI AP non-toxic while being easily cleaned with water-making it ideal for classrooms.

Choose from the Earthenware line of 24 vivid colors that range in opacity. Shake or stir well and apply 2-3 coats with a soft brush on cone 04 bisque. Dry-foot or stilt and fire to cone 05 or 06. Thin with water if needed.

The Stoneware line comes in 24 beautiful glazes that include solids and variegated patterns. These are perfect for kitchen and utility projects. Shake or stir well and smoothly apply 2-3 coats to bisque. Dry-foot or stilt and fire to cone 5 or cone 6. Thinning with water is recommended if dipping.

The Speedball Underglaze line comes in 24 opaque colors that won’t bleed or move, making it ideal for painting, sgraffito, and design work. Shake or stir well then apply 3 coats to greenware or bisque for desired opacity. Fire to cone 04. You can increase color intensity by blending with other Speedball glazes and fired to appropriate temperatures. Decorating possibilities are endless.

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