Collection: Underglazes

Underglazes are used in pottery to create patterns and designed to the surface of the clay before it is glazed. Even though they will eventually be covered by glaze, they can still come through, giving your work more depth and character.

And if you really don’t want to cover it at all, you can always cloak it with a clear glaze instead. Underglazes have a wider selection of colors, making them more popular with many potters and ceramic artists and we offer those colors here on our site.

From velvet underglazes to pens and pads from top brands like Amaco, Coyote, and Duncan, we have your underglaze needs covered..

We’ve received many customer concerns about glazes freezing during shipping in cold weather. Luckily, most glazes can be thawed and mixed and still work properly. Please put a comment in your order if you would like us to hold your order until the weather has improved.