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Amaco Majolica Glaze GDC64 Straw

Amaco Majolica Glaze GDC64 Straw

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Majolica, a tin white glazed earthenware, was first introduced into Italy in the 13th century from Moorish Spain.  Italian potters glazed their red ware pottery with a white glaze and used metal oxides to decorate the unfired surface.  A thin final coat of clear lead glaze was applied all over the surface to smooth and make the decorations more glossy.  The metal oxides gave the Italian decorator a very limited palette to work with, which included cobalt blue, copper green, manganese purple, antimony yellow and iron red.  

Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors have been developed specifically to produce the Majolica technique.  Each of these can be applied directly over unfired Amaco Opaque White glaze (LG11.)  The special formulation means that no clear covering glaze is necessary.  Colors will fire glossy and assume the smooth surface of the white base glaze.  

In addition to the Majolica technique, these can be used for over all coverage or to design over the bisque with no additional glaze over or under it.  In such cases at least two coats should be used.  Fire at Cone 05.  

Variations on how these glazes can be used is limited only to the potter's imagination.  When used for stoneware, use HF11 White glaze over bisque and follow the same decorating technique as earthenware.  Glaze fire to Cone 5.  Colors will remain stable at Cone 5 except: #55 will change to Dark Blue, #45 will change to Dark Green, and #64 will change to Light Yellow/Green.   

All are lead free, and have tested dinnerware safe alone and over Amaco LG11.  They will also product excellent results when used over most of the LG, F, LM and DG series, but have not been tested for dinnerware safety except with LG11.  In liquid form all are AP Non-Toxic.  Semi-transparent.


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