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Amaco Opalescent Glaze O42 Moss Green

Amaco Opalescent Glaze O42 Moss Green

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Most have a high gloss with an iridescence similar to mother-of-pearl.  Best results are achieved with three or four applications of glaze.  On textured ware, the glaze flows thin on relief and thick in incised areas, giving an added dimension on the surface.  May be used in Raku firing.  May give interesting effects at high temperatures; for example, #23 and 42 at Cone 5 when applied on the inside of a stoneware bowl will flow to produce a variegated bottom and thinly glazed rims,   For normal use, apply to cone 04 bisque; fire to cone 05. 

In liquid form, #2, 20, 21, 23, 26 are Health Label.  The remainder are AP NonToxic.  All are Lead Free, Opaque and dinnerware safe.  


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