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ClayMat 30x36

ClayMat 30x36

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ClayMat is designed to be used as a bottom canvas on a slab roller.  It can be replaced as the bottom canvas or used on top of the bottom canvas.  For the top canvas use the one that came with your slab roller.  For hand rolling clay use ClayMat as the bottom canvas with a plain canvas on top.  

Care instructions:  Do not fold ClayMat in half to act as a top and bottom canvas.  It is recommended to keep your ClayMat on a flat surface.  Allow it to become completely dry before storing.  Always store your ClayMat in an uncovered position to allow air to dry the surface.  Never stack ClayMat under a damp canvas, this can possibly form mold or mildew on your ClayMat.  After using ClayMat several times the grid pattern can be rejuvenated by wiping the canvas with a damp sponge and allowing it to dry. 

ClayMat is made from 100% cotton with a 20oz weight (standard canvas for slab rollers). Available in 24" and 30" widths.  The grid marks are laid out in 2" squares with 1" hatch marks on the vertical and horizontal edges.  The sides are finished with a salvage edge and surged sides which means there are no unraveled edges.

Tip:  Keep two ClayMats on hand.  One for use with white clay and the other for use with darker clays.


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