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Laguna Glaze Cone 10 Celadon WC550 (T)

Laguna Glaze Cone 10 Celadon WC550 (T)

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In reduction, these glazes will be enhanced by the reduction process.  Impurities and trace metals in the clay and glaze will react with carbon in the kiln atmosphere to create spotting.  Oxides react in various and sometimes spectacular ways.  Each firing creates a certain unique quality in the ware.  

Read the description carefully to determine whether oxidation or reduction is advised.  All are lead free and non-toxic, and may be used on dinnerware when fired properly.     

Celadon is an ancient, traditional, Asian glaze. It is translucent with a grayish green color and a semi gloss surface. The translucency allows some of the clay body to show through the glaze. Reacts beautifully with most oxides in reduction firing.

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