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Laguna Glaze Cone 10 Jon's Clear WC558

Laguna Glaze Cone 10 Jon's Clear WC558

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Each has its own distinct surface quality, and reaction to added colorants will vary from one to the next.  Clear and White are both excellent base glazes for decorating with stains or color additions.  Both contain no zinc and allow the use of chrome tin stains.  

Read the description carefully to determine whether oxidation or reduction is advised.  All colors are lead free and safe for food and beverage containers.      -  Oxidation glazes are in purple,     -  Reduction in black.

This is a good, all purpose clear gloss glaze which fires from cone 5 to 10. This glaze is excellent on porcelain and smooth stoneware. It is recommended this glaze be applied thinly for best results.   (Cone 5-10)

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