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Duncan 26398 Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glaze

Duncan 26398 Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glaze

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Duncan used to have several clear glazes, some with lead and some without. They have eliminated most of these and are phasing out of the rest. Pure Brilliance has been designed to replace all their clear glazes, and they believe it to be their best clear glaze for brushing and dipping. This glazes is Zinc-Free.

Dipping glaze 1. Initially mix with electric mixer for no more than 2 minutes. A stainless steel wire whisk can be used to stir glaze periodically. 2. Submerge a Viscosity Cup into tank and fill with glaze. As you lift cup from glaze, begin timing. Stop timing when stream of glaze begins to break. A range of 19-24 seconds is normal. Add small amounts of water as needed. (4 oz at a time) 3. Hold ware with hands or dipping tongs. If using hands, wear protective gloves. As you remove ware shake away any drips or runs. Do not finger sand to prevent airborne dust. 4. If necessary on larger piece, dip unglazed portion, slightly overlapping glazed area for full coverage. Let dry. 5. Use a Fan Glaze Brush to touch up any missed areas after ware dries. Use a Palette Knife to shave off drips or runs to prevent airborne dust. 6. Set ware securely on clean, sharp kiln stilts in kiln. Fire to shelf cone 06.


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