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Olympic VentMaster Downdraft Vent System

Olympic VentMaster Downdraft Vent System

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During operation, the Kiln Vent system keeps the kiln under a slight negative pressure. This pulls the fumes out of the kiln and pulls in a small amount of fresh air. Firing times are essentially the same. The fumes are exhausted directly into a duct system and removed from the kiln room. Improved airflow in the kiln results in more uniform temperatures, reducing hot and cold spots.

The VentMaster Expansion Kit allows two electric kilns to run off the same vent.
Technical Specifications
VentMaster 115V, 60 Hz., 1.1 amp
208-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz., .5 amp
Motor 73 CFM1 Weight 10 lbs. (4.5 kgs)
Hose 3-foot High Temperature Hose2
1. "Cubic Feet per Minute”. Normal room conditions will replenish air, no need for makeup air system.
2. Available VentMaster Extender Kit extends length an additional three feet.


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