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Skutt Envirovent 2

Skutt Envirovent 2

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The Skutt Envirovent 2 is an effective kiln-venting system that draws out firing odors and vents them outdoors. The Envirovent 2 creates a downdraft effect which improves firing consistency as well.

Compact and unobtrusive, the Skutt Envirovent 2 can be attached to virtually any popular, multi-sided, electric kiln in minutes. The only modification required is the drilling of small holes in the kiln's lid and floor. Drill set is supplied.

Includes an integral blower unit in-line switch, 18" (46 cm) stainless steel exit duct, and installation and operating instructions. 4" (10 cm) rigid or flexible drier ducting (available at hardware stores) is recommended to vent to outdoors. Air-cooled motor is UL and CSA listed, 115V, 1.1A household current. The Skutt Envirovent 2 comes with a 8' ft section of 3" round ducting. Will not overheat or shut off from heat of firings. Limited two year warranty. Weight 25 lbs (11.3 kg).


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