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Skutt Kilns KilnLink Cloud-Based Monitoring System

Skutt Kilns KilnLink Cloud-Based Monitoring System

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The Skutt KilnLink monitoring system is cloud-based, which means you can access it from anywhere!  It lets you check the status of your kiln remotely. If you have internet access, you can get the info!

The system turns your kiln into a smart device.  It connects your kiln to the internet and feeds information from each firing in real time to the KilnLink database. 

That means that anyone you authorize, including Skutt technicians, can access your kiln information remotely to monitor its status, firing history, and diagnose any issues. 

The KilnLink system comes included with the new Skutt Touchscreen controller (All Skutt kiln models starting with "KMT" or "GMT" include this controller and the KilnLink monitoring system). 

If you're upgrading an existing KM kiln, you really should try to upgrade your controller to a KMT touchscreen.  Or, you can keep your KM controller but you will need LinkBoard w/EasyView to be able to use the KilnLink monitoring system. 


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