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Skutt KM-1027 Ceramic Kiln 2.5" Brick with Standard KilnMaster Controller

Skutt KM-1027 Ceramic Kiln 2.5" Brick with Standard KilnMaster Controller

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The Skutt KM1027 electric kiln features a 2.5" firebrick and is great for firing porcelain and stoneware.

The 27" KM1027 is equipped with a KilnMaster electronic controller with two different modes: cone firing and ramp/hold.

The KilnMaster Controller

With Skutt's KilnMaster controller you can write your own firing programs (up to 12) with up to 32 segments using Ramp and Hold. The KilnMaster can diagnose kiln problems and help you or Skutt technitians handle any issues remotely. It also has a safety features to help prevent accidental starts and overfires. And a new software keeps track of how many firings and your costs. The KinMaster controller can handle most firing scenarios: fuse glass, slow cool Cone 6 glazes, grow crystals and much more.

Current Sensing Technology

Skutt is one of the few brands that installs a Current Sensor in every KilnMaster Kiln. This allows you to read the Amperage of each section of the kiln as well as the Voltage and Voltage Under Load.  With the touch of a few buttons you can give those readings over the phone to your kiln repair technician so they can troubleshoot the problem and make sure they have the correct parts when they come out for the repair.  Prior to the use of these current sensors someone would have to come to your house and test the amperage and voltage inside the control box with live wires exposed. This system is Much Safer.


Degree F ( max ) 2250°F (Single and 240, 3) / 2300°F (208, 3)
Cone 10 (240) / 6 (208, Single) / 8 (208, 3)
Firebrick 2.5"
Phase Single / 3
Volt 240 / 208
Watt 11,520 (240) / 9,980 (208, Single) / 11,000 (208, 3)
Ampere 48 (Single) / 29.3 (240, 3) / 31.7 (208, 3)
Recommended breaker (amp) 60 (Single) / 40 (3)
Receptacle 6-50
Size interior ( wide x high x deep ) 23.375 x 27"
Volume ( cu ft. ) 7
Shipping Group Freight
Shipping weight (lbs.) 290


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