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Talisman Rotary Sieve, 100 Mesh, Complete Kit

Talisman Rotary Sieve, 100 Mesh, Complete Kit

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Rotary sieves from Talisman speed up the process of sieving glazes, and save your wrist at the same time.

The sieves come with stainless steel screens that are interchangeable between the Rotary and Standard sieves.

It has a manually operated crank handle attached to three nylon brushes.

As you turn the handle, the brushes force the medium through the screen.

Made for 3-5 gallon round containers.

Works on liquids or dry material.

The replaceable nylon brushes wash off easily, and are long-lasting.

The handle is easy to remove if you need to use several brush heads in one session, or to more easily store or move the sieve.

Higher mesh numbers are finer and used for glazes.


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